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Glass Tiles

Glass Tiles are a stock item. We will aim to deliver your tiles within 5 working days, should you require your tiles sooner please call and we will do all we can.

We offer samples of all our Glass Tiles, we strongly recommend ordering samples. The beauty of glass tiles is that it allows light to pass through and subtly change in colour/tone depending on the light conditions. To assess how your tile will look once installed place the tile on the wall to stop light passing through from behind, this will reflect the true colour.

Our glass tiles are constructed from clear glass that has a coloured backing that is baked/fired on. The tiles are extremely tough and heat resistant. Glass is also nonporous. To Clean Glass Tiles most gentle bathroom/kitchen cleaners used in conjunction with a nonabrasive cleaning pad will work well. If you are unsure a 50/50 mix of water and white vinegar will do the trick!

Our Glass Metro Tiles do not have bevelled edges, a bevelled appearance is created by the tiles once they have been grouted. Any tile adhesive or grout must be tested on a sample tile before commencing work. Alec Buchan Ltd can not accept responsibility for damaged goods if/when incorrect cutting methods, fitting methods, grout or adhesives are used.

We recommend a 3mm grout width as a minimum. Tile sizes can vary by 1-2 mm per tile. When blending two or more colours together check the tile sizes before commencing tiling. Alec Buchan Ltd does not accept responsibility for variances in tile size as this is considered part of the manufacturing process and should be accounted for with a suitable grout width.

Glass Metro Tiles are sold by m2. We do not accept returns of part used m2 tiles. The buyer is responsible for returns of unused Glass Tiles. The buyer is responsible for all costs of returns of unwanted tiles. The buyer is also responsible for any breakages/damage to returned glass tiles.

Any returned Glass Tiles are subject to a 25% restocking fee.

Glass Metro Tiles will weigh 20kg per m2.

Sale Tiles are non-returnable and not refundable.

Shipping & Handling

Quoted shipping prices on our website are to mainland UK only. We are very happy to ship to Europe, please send us your information for a quotation.

All excise, duty and tax to be paid by the buyer at point of entry (non UK orders). Alec Buchan Ltd does not accept responsibility for non UK excise, duty and local taxes.

Any damaged goods must be reported to Alec Buchan Ltd within 48 hours of delivery. Please open and inspect all tiles before commencing works. Minor shade variation and size of tiles is rare but possible in hand crafted goods. Any claims must be supported by adequate photography.

All shipping is handled by subcontractors. We mainly use Royal Mail, Parcelforce & UPN although alternatives will be used if deemed necessary. All delivery times/dates are given as an estimate and Alec Buchan Ltd can not accept any responsibility for late delivery when using a 3rd party to deliver our products. We strongly recommend that our customers do not book trades persons to install our products on the estimated delivery date as late/failed deliveries can happen. Alec Buchan Ltd will not be held responsible for compensation in the rare event that delivery times/dates are not fulfilled.

Offers, Coupons & Cash Back

Alec Buchan Ltd reserves the right to withdraw any offers, coupons or cash back at any time.