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Retro for modern, which ceramic tiles do you prefer

ceramic tiles

Deciding you want to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom may be one thing, but what you put in these rooms to replace what is currently there can sometimes be a little trickier. For a bathroom it seems that white is the only colour to use these days but you then have to think about the style of sanitary ware as well as taps, though that is not usually to challenging. The main question relates to one of the most visual aspects of a bathroom, and that is the type of tile you decide to put on the walls. The same applies with a kitchen; the choice on units depends on your taste in style and colour, but again this is not too challenging a task. Though not a problem as such, it is the choice of ceramic tile that can have the greatest influence over a new fitted kitchen or bathroom you have had installed and how long it will remain looking contemporary and stylish.

Interestingly, retro is a style that never really goes out of fashion. It actually has more advantages than you may at first realise as while something like a glass metro tile will look really classy it never looks totally contemporary. As a consequence, glass metro tiles, and all metro tiles for that matter, never look dated either. As refitting a bathroom or kitchen can be a relatively costly project, it is not the sort of thing you want to be doing too often. With the preference for white sanitary ware this will always be fashionable so your bathroom is only ever really going to look out of date based on the tile styling used. Glass metro tiles overcome this problem in a heartbeat and let’s be honest, a classy look rather than a funky contemporary look will ultimately remain more appealing.

The beauty of metro tiles is that there are four principal ways of laying them. This in itself is a great way to make a difference in the overall look of your kitchen or bathroom but without being too drastic. The most popular way to lay glass metro tiles and ceramic metro tiles is what is called a brick bond style. In simple terms, the tiles are laid the way you would lay a course of bricks with an overlap. Alternatively, you can lay the tiles vertically or horizontally in a more standard side by side style. However, what can look extremely effective when laying metro tiles is the herringbone style which involves laying tiles at 90° to each other and 45° from the horizontal. In a similar manner to the brick bond, herringbone tiles also overlap, with the base of one overlapping the side of the one sloping in the opposite direction. It may look complicated to achieve but in fact is not that much more difficult than laying an ordinary run of tiles and is not beyond the scope of a competent DIY tiler.

To find out more about glass metro tiles, why not come and see us at Henleaze premises near Bristol, or get in touch and we will be more than happy to send you some samples.

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