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Really make a splash with kitchen and bathroom splashbacks

According to an article in the Daily Telegraph by the well-known property expert, Phil Spencer, improving your kitchen and bathroom by installing new ones is a sure fire way to increase the value of your property and it will also increase its saleability. For sure none of us mind moving into a house with an old kitchen or bathroom, but if you have a young family and plenty of bodies to wash and mouths to feed, the prospect of being without a bathroom or kitchen can be off-putting.

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Too Jazzy – glass metro tiles, coloured metro tiles

However needs must and the Devil drives, so if you are going to install a new kitchen or bathroom, then what better time to consider the dramatic effect and lift you can give to those new fittings by using glass metro tiles for your kitchen splashbacks, bathroom splashbacks and shower areas. When there are reasonably large areas to tile there can be a temptation to go for large tiles, but then that can diminish the feeling of size. Similarly in smaller areas, a glass metro tile can help provide that sense of greater space than is there.

One of the reasons metro tiles have become so popular is because they lend themselves well to what in the trade is referred to as brick bond style tiling. With standard six inch square tiles there is no option but to lay them out as you would the tiles on a chess board, in level rows and columns. Yes, it looks nice and smart, as does any new tiling when first installed. But once the novelty has worn off, then what you have added to your kitchen design to give it a bit more pizzazz and class will come to the fore. That is when brick bond laid glass metro tiles will really make you glad you went that extra mile to create something really special. The glass fronted metro tile works so well at adding subtle colour to a kitchen and bathroom.

There is something very clever about having a sheet of clear glass in front of a colour base. Unlike coloured glass where you get a pale tint, or even strong tint throughout, with a glass metro tile the clear glass dissipates the colour, ensuring that you get the full colour effect, but without feeling overcome with the depth of colour involved. Kitchens and bathrooms thrive on both light and colour, and it is important to get the balance right. It is very easy to become heavy-handed with a colour palette and the next thing you know you are in sensory overload and your new kitchen or bathroom units are staking back stage to the actual tiling itself.

If you do want to make a slightly stronger statement with glass metro tiles, then you can always consider using a coloured grout instead of the standard white or ivory, and with the brick bond layout, it will certainly stand out, but not in an over-the-top manner. However if you have never seen a metro tile before, by all means take advantage of our sample offer, or call us direct to discuss your needs.

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