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BAL Max-Flex Adhesive White 5kg


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BAL Max-Flex Adhesive White 5kg




  • 2.5m2


  • most tile types, including porcelain
  • dry/wet – interior/exterior
  • including swimming pools

POT LIFE AT 20°C: 5 hours

GROUT AFTER: 16 hours

Out of stock

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Standard setting and highly flexible, BAL Max Flex Fibre have been developed with our Fibre Strand Technology for improved flexibility and strength. With and extended open time of more than 40 minutes and a pot life of five hours, BAL Max Flex Fibre is suitable for use fixing most tile types (except natural stone), BAL Max Flex Fibre is recommended for large format wall tiles, areas of total immersion, heated screeds and plywood walls. Also suitable for installations subject to limited movement and vibration and for tiling on existing glazed ceramic tiles.

BAL Max-Flex Fibre offers fixers outstanding benefits helping them get the job done easily and efficiently. BAL Max-Flex fibre is formulated with lightweight rheology for easy mixing and application and its extended open time allows for a greater area to be fixed in one mix. Available in white and grey, BAL Max-Flex Fibre comes in pack sized of 20kg and 5kg (20kg only in Grey). For use on walls and floors, it can be grouted in 16 hours.



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