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Metro tiles: Design tips and advice

Metro tiles are a great way to jazz up any room; and they don’t have to be used just in bathrooms or kitchens as you may expect. If you imagine the conventional tiling used in a London underground station, that’s the style of the metro tile. Cool, right? Well, if you are fan of London living and want to bring a sense of that directly into your home, metro tiles are the perfect choice.

Here are a few design ideas if you are considering using metro tiles for your home:

1. Tile colours

Plain white tiles would be most ideal if you are hoping to use other vibrant splashes of colour here and there in your room. For instance, in a bathroom, you may use a bright feature wall and cover the rest of the walls in white metro tiles. Or you could use the white tiles as a feature wall if you are opting for a neutral colour scheme.

If you are hoping to go for more of a noir theme, black or grey tiles could really add to this atmospheric style. Monochrome never goes out of fashion, therefore you can use this theme for either a modern or retro look, dependant on preference.

2. Grout colour

Another tip would be to have a good think about grout colours. This all depends on how you wish to emphasise the layout of the tiles. A duller grout tone would blend into the tiles more so, whereas white grout would stand out and make the walls appear brighter.

3. Layout

The usual horizontal tile layout is not the only choice you can go for. You can either choose vertical, basket weave or herringbone; which are just a few options. Each layout creates a completely different look and you can have a play around to see which is most suitable for your interior.

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