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Welcome to the UK’s largest – and boldest – range of Glass Tiles.

At Alec Buchan, our glass tiles push the boundaries of colour, size, and shape. We break rules whilst always maintaining exceptional customer service.

With our unique best sellers Acid Yellow Boom! and Ibizan Sunset Orange and our 2018 trend colours Whispered Dusty Pink and 70’s School Green – you’re in the right place to find Glass Tiles in Colours You Love.

Alec Buchan bursts into life

Like many businesses, Alec Buchan was founded out of need as well as passion. While remodelling our kitchen back in 2014, we were left feeling flat and uninspired by the colour and depth of the countless sample tiles we ordered online.

Back then, the glass tiles available were far too expensive and, quite frankly, boring. To make things worse, it felt like all the online tile retailers were pedalling the same old ceramic tiles – just at different price points. Nothing was unique!

We knew exactly what we wanted: a turquoise tile to go with our handleless gloss white kitchen. Finally, after countless hours of scouring the web for UK and European suppliers, inspiration came from the USA. It turned out that glass ‘subway’ tiles were something the American and Canadian markets already had in abundance – but they weren’t available in the UK.

So, I decided to design and import a pallet of Turquoise glass metro tiles myself. My father constantly reminds me that my first sentence was ‘I’ll do it myself’ and – well, what would you know?

Once we’d finished designing our dream kitchen, our plan was to sell the remaining 40m2 of tiles to other frustrated home owners and then get on with our day jobs. But when friends and family saw our new kitchen, the swoony comments came flooding in. And the requests followed soon after:

“Could you get me, with the same tiles, but in green?”

It soon clicked that we weren’t the only ones bored senseless with the lifeless ceramic tiles that the UK vendors were churning out – and so Alec Buchan was born.

Let’s make Glass tiles

When I made the decision to start out, I knew Alec Buchan had to be different. That’s why, unlike 95% of the independent online tile retailers in the UK, we design, manufacture, import, market, and distribute all our own tiles ourselves. We never purchase or sell off the shelf solutions in order to generate huge mark-ups by going through wholesalers.

This complete control of our supply chain allows us to offer our customers the best value tile and customer service, but it also means we’re 100% responsible for our own exacting quality standards. This is one of the reasons that we have so many five star reviews from happy customers.

Breaking all the Rules

We start every day at Alec Buchan HQ with the mantra: ‘What rules?’

Gone are the days of blindly adopting a style from the pages of a magazine or replicating a showroom look. The world is changing and so is our industry. It says a lot that our most popular colour to date is Acid Yellow Boom!

With the ever-increasing use of Pinterest, Houzz and Instagram, home owners are breaking the mould and taking inspiration from everywhere and anywhere. We think this makes: ‘What Rules?’ a great mantra for everyone.

But, Why Glass Tiles?

So, that’s our story. But we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for our love of the unique glass tile.

Glass Tiles, especially when they’re premium, 8mm thick, and bounce and reflect the light around your room. Our tiles live and breathe. They have a personality just like you, subtly changing in tone depending on the time of the day and the amount of light in the room. So, while they may cost more than ceramic tiles, they give back so, so much more.

Escape the Ordinary

Well, that’s us! If you want to escape the generic tile solutions and bring a touch of wow-factor innovation to your home – then you’re in the right place. We can help you achieve the kitchen, bathroom, wet room or swimming pool of your dreams with our unique glass tiles.

As a company, we want to inspire you to be brave and make your home the way you want it. Be bold! Take inspiration from trends, but always make it your own. Trends come and go but you, your home and your tastes don’t. What Rules?

Let’s break some rules today.

Christopher Crockett

Founder at Alec Buchan.

Founder at Alec Buchan

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