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Funky Victorian Scroll Door Handles

Why put time, love, care & planning into decorating  &  refurbishing your home only to give in to the unimaginative door handle choices on the market? That time has come to an end!

At  Too Jazzy we were not happy replacing our door handles with the available choices in the market. Why should we only have the choice between Stainless Steel, Brass, Chrome or Nickel? This led to the creation of our door handle  range.

We offer  four different styles of door handles in 15 amazing colours, we have the Traditional Victorian Scroll Door Handle, Industrial Door Handles, Modern Door Handles & Wing Lever Door Handles. The colourway is a mix of bright & funky colours , traditional colours  and colours  designed to tone with popular room/door colour schemes.

Our personal door handle choice when refurbishing our home was  Anthracite  Grey, to tone with the  Charcoal Grey  door frames & skirting boards.  Boys & Girls rooms could have pink or blue door handles or keep your doors neutral and add a Funky splash of colour to your lounge or kitchen door handles.

Our Victorian Scroll  Door Handles  are manufactured by a leading door handle manufacturer,  Too  Jazzy then add  a super durable paint finish.

Most of the handle choices are  suitable for domestic or commercial use, why not give the door handles in your office, restaurant or shop a lift by painting your new door handles in your brand colour.

Completing a large home or commercial space refurbishment? We also offer a full range of matching Electrical Fittings.

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