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Dream Kitchen | Kitchen Design Trends 2018/19

The modern-day kitchen is bold and expressive – a far cry from the hidden unloved space it once was. It’s now the beating heart of the home: where families and friends go to socialise, relax and create memories. That’s why personalising your kitchen to express who you truly are is so important.

So, how do you design your dream kitchen? Well for us, the answer’s simple: however you damn well want.

You’re unique. Your style’s unique. Your kitchen should reflect who you are.

Having said that, we know how far a little inspiration can go. If you’re feeling a bit bewildered about where to start designing your kitchen – don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

To get your creative juices flowing, here’s a rundown of 2018 and 2019’s hot kitchen design trends. At Alec Buchan, we’re all about keeping you ahead of the trends, and providing that spark of inspiration you need to adapt today’s trends to make them your own.

Kitchen Design Trends 2018/2019

Dark colours mixed with white

Two Tone Kitchens

While traditional two-toned kitchen design has been popular for years, the trend for dark colours paired with white is only just starting to surge. Pairing a dark but bold colour such as blue, green, grey, or teal with a crisp, bright white satisfies the desire for smart, subtle design. It also achieves a braver, bolder impact.

So, if you want to give your kitchen a personality without relying on bright colours, this is a great way to do it. The white both enhances and balances out the impact of the dark colour, creating a sense of boldness and personality without being overbearing. It’s also a super smart, clean look which will satisfy even the most discerning eye.

There are loads of ways to rock this style. You can pair dark painted walls and cabinets with white tiles, white painted walls and cabinets with dark tiles. Alternatively, you can pair two toned kitchen tiles together and create a Kitchen Design Trends 2018/19 unique tile design. Tile wise, we know this looks good. When used with bold colours, our Snow Day White glass tiles always look immaculate, and our darker tiles in combination with them or other white features have a guaranteed impact.

Upside: This look allows you to be bold and brave, without the dazzling brightness of a bolder, brighter colour.

Worth Considering: If you’re after something a bit braver, it might lack a bit of the wow factor a bright colour would bring.

Millennial Pink

Millenial Pink is HOT in kitchen design

This is the colour trend that just refuses to budge. Millennial pink continues to be the hot colour of the interior design world – and it can really pack a punch in the kitchen department.

There’s something enchanting about this shade of pink. It brings vintage into the future, completely avoiding being “twee”. When it’s paired with the right colours, such as light greys, beiges and mushroom, it’s bold enough to stand alone as a retro power shade.

If you’re a lover of pink, this could be an on-trend way to bring it into your home. Bear in mind the way you add this colour into your kitchen as it will have a big impact on how the room feels. Painted walls and cabinets can come across more traditionally “vintage” as the colour will be more static.

Choosing to integrate the colour into your kitchen using tiles or splashbacks allows the colour to breathe more, freeing it up to change hue in the light and become more fluid. You can also experiment by having millennial pink accessories against a neutral backdrop. Check out our Whispered Dusty Pink tiles.

Upside: It’s a brave colour but it isn’t too bold. It’s the ideal solution if you want to add a unique colour to your home without exceeding your taste level.

Worth Considering: Pink’s not everyone’s cup of tea – and if you’ve only just started to fall in love with the colour, it might be best to go with a shade that you’ve had a longer relationship with.

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Islands as the new hub of the home

This is one kitchen design idea that will boom over the next couple of years, so if you’re blessed with a big enough kitchen, kitchen islands are a must have in 2018/2019.

Offering so much more than satisfying aesthetics, they also provide a level of functionality and creative space usage that will make your kitchen a more pleasant place to be. Acting as cooking, preparation and dining space, a kitchen island can really enhance how a family uses the kitchen space.

Plus, when it comes to design, there are limitless opportunities. From modern glossy kitchen islands to a more traditional farmhouse-style, they can be incorporated into any style of kitchen – even smaller kitchen designs can benefit.

Upside: They provide extra surface and storage space and can be incorporated with other styles.

Worth Considering: If your kitchen is on the really small side, this might not be the trend for you.

Backsplash shelf

Simple Storage as a Kitchen Splashback

This chic design trend is giving the humble splashback even more purpose. By integrating shelving into the splashback, you get creative storage space which can be used for kitchen utensils, accessories or cooking books. This is not only handy, but also creates a starker texture definition between the splashback and the wall.

Whether the splashback matches the shelf is a whole other decision – and depends very much on the style of the kitchen. But either way,

Upside:  Great for storage and outlining the different design elements

Worth Considering: Another thing to dust.

Bold & Brave Colour Schemes

Yellow Glass Tiles for Kitchen Trends

For those who are daring enough, big bold colours are in this season. Of course this is our favourite trend of all. We’re talking bright yellows, oranges, blues, greens, pinks – whatever your happy colour is. People are expressing themselves by utilising the colours that spark the most joy in the rooms where they spend most of their time.

We’re not surprised by this trend. Our biggest selling glass tile has always been Acid Yellow Boom, and our clients have used it to create some of the most cutting edge and vibrant kitchen designs we’ve ever seen.

Over the next couple of years, this trend is only going to spread, getting more vibrant along the way. So, if electric blues, searing turquoises, bright yellows or piercing greens are your thing, you’ve finally got the nod from the interior design world to go ahead and splash that colour wherever you want it. (Not that you ever needed their permission…!)

Upside: Create a happy, statement kitchen without needing to spend huge amounts on accessories and design – the colour alone will do that.

Worth Considering: How much you love that colour – the wrong colour choice is no fun for anyone.

Or… Delicate Pastels

Pastel Colours are the new white in kitchen design

If the big bold colour trend isn’t for you, we get it. Perhaps a subtler, yet equally compelling look is a better match. Well if that’s the case, you’re in luck, as also trending over the next year in kitchen interior design, is the use of milky pastel colours.

Pastel shades of blue, green, yellow and pink are fast becoming a key interior design staple. Italian Interior Designers Italian Bark have even suggested that they could overtake white and neutral colours as people move towards a new and more confident way of decorating.

Combined with greys, beiges and mushroom shades, the possibilities around these colours are endless. By painting in bold lines and adding accessories, you can end up with a chic, modern-looking kitchen. Glass tiles also look amazing in pastel colours, as the glossy finish adds a juiciness to the milky shades, and the colour changes depending on the light in the room.

Upside: You get to have a statement colour kitchen without it being too bright.

Worth Considering: Can come across a bit “twee” if not done right…

Yellow Mixed Metals

It's all about Brass in 2018

If you’re looking for kitchen interior ideas with a sophisticated twist, this is the trend for you. Yellow mixed metals are taking kitchen design by storm this year. The rose gold and copper trend has started to fizzle out, but metals such as brass, bronze and gold are storming in.

If you’re a lover of elegant and opulent interior design, this trend should be right up your alley. Choosing yellow metals for your door handles, ovens, sinks and taps can give your kitchen a really elegant feel – a certain type of sparkle that neither paint nor tiles portray.

Combine these fastenings with any one of the other trends on this list, and you’ve got the recipe for a super cool, on-trend kitchen. Specifically, yellow metals work amazingly well with pastels and dark bolds and combining them with the plant trend is sure to give a wonderful contrast between the natural and the industrial.

Upside: Adds sophistication into any design.

Worth Considering: You’ve got to polish that metal…!

Banquette Seating

Cosy Family Snug Eating

The “American diner” style seating trend has been growing for a while, and this year, it’s a kitchen interior idea that is hitting the mainstream.

Banquette-style seating ticks the box for people who want to create sociable kitchens where seating space is at the heart of the kitchen’s design. It also packs a super retro punch and works especially well when combined with the bold colour trend to create an all-round bright, daring and unique kitchen design.

Upside: Makes seating the focal point of your kitchen design in a creative way.

Worth Considering: It’s a bit annoying for the person sat in the middle who needs the loo.

Plant Decor & Nature-inspired

Bring Nature into your kitchen

Imagine that rejuvenated feeling you get after spending time in nature. Now imagine feeling like that every time you step into your kitchen. Enhancing interior spaces with plants is a key kitchen trend because of that very feeling! Plants help counteract stress and anxiety – issues which are finding their way into more and more people’s lives – and help you feel more peaceful and more connected to your home. They also happen to look really cool.

It’s simple to pull off this trend. Just place an array of plants with different textures, heights and colours in a variety of pots, hangers and cubby holes around your kitchen. Pair with a white or neutral beige/mushroom kitchen, (although bolder colours can really bring out the plants’ wild side, too) and enjoy the benefits of a stress-reducing space.

If you want to take it up a notch and dedicate a whole wall to plants, living walls are also trending. Although this is more high maintenance, it will at least save on the cost of paint.

Upside: Super low budget. Plant’s don’t cost loads nor do plant holders. You can easily make plants the focal point of your kitchen design without spending a fortune.

Worth Considering: You’ll need to be a good plant waterer if this look is going to sustain itself. Also, you’ll need to check what plants are safe for any pets you might have.

Neutral Backdrops with Statement Accessories

Statement Chairs in your kitchen

Neutral doesn’t have to mean boring. No way. In fact, neutral kitchens are gaining popularity quicker than ever and are one of the most versatile 2018/2019 design trends of all.

But “neutral” has moved on from the days of magnolia and eggshell. What’s trending now are shades like mushroom, beige, grey, milky off-whites infused with blues/greens/purples – these are the new neutrals, and when combined with bold, statement accessories, the results are incredible.

Think statement lighting. Think statement kettles. Think statement toasters, clocks, wall art, taps, shelving – anything and everything that you can put in a kitchen, a neutral backdrop provides the perfect environment to make those bold and brave accessories pop.

Oh, and neutral splashbacks and tiles are a great way to go with this trend, providing a layer of texture and complicity to the design without relying on the accessories to do all the talking. Our beige glass tiles inject a juiciness to a neutral kitchen, resulting in a much glossier, and bigger bodied space.

Upside: As the style of your kitchen relies on the accessories rather than the tiles/wallpaper, it’s easier and potentially cheaper to switch and swap the design.

Worth Considering: Your kitchen can lack character if not paired with really powerful accessories.

Splashes of Teal & Turquoise

Turquoise Kitchen Tiles

In 2018/19, splashes and dashes of teal and turquoise are driving kitchen designers wild. The vivid shades have been popular in kitchens for some time but the trend of having just a little bit of this bold colour is alive and kicking.

The best thing is that there’s no right way to do it and depending on your tastes you can incorporate it with modern design, rustic design or anything in between. Feature walls, splashbacks, or even just accessories – the ways to inject a splash of this colour into your kitchen are endless.

For lovers of the teal and turquoise, this is the double thumbs up from the design community to inject it into your kitchen.

Upside: Let’s you make a bold statement without turning the whole room teal or turquoise.

Worth Considering: …Not so great if you don’t like teal or turquoise.

Handles… and Also No Handles

Handleless Kitchen

So, handleless kitchens were big in 2016/17. And, well, they’re still big in 2018/19. But, guess what? So are handles. Confused? Well, don’t be. The good news is whether you like your kitchens handle-less or with handles – you’re on-trend when it comes to kitchen interior design.

The flush handleless designs continue to dominate the modern kitchen, especially where smooth white surfaces remain popular. However, where more traditional kitchen designs are concerned, handles are making a big move back in and ty in nicely with the yellow metal trend. Whether you’re one for chunky handles, slinky handles, or just plain old knobs, gold and bronze handles look amazing in dark toned, traditional kitchens.

Upside: If you like handles – great! If you don’t – great!

Worth Considering: No real Worth Considering:s to report.


Smart Appliances

As the world speeds towards Artificial Intelligance (AI) being the norm, smart appliances are a must have for any kitchen refurb in 2018.

Ovens that you can turn on from your phone, fridges that have cameras that show you what you need to buy when you’re out shopping, and kitchen assistants like Amazon’s Alexa that can read you cooking instructions – these are the kitchen appliances from the future that are starting to trend now.

Upside: Can be really useful

Worth Considering: They’re still very much on the pricey side.

Colour enhancing lighting

Choosing lighting that actively enhances and changes the colour of your kitchen is a new trend that we absolutely adore. Why? Because considering how colour behaves in your kitchen can have a huge impact on the overall feel of the space. By using light to manipulate the colour, you can change the mood of the kitchen completely.

For example, let’s say you have a bright yellow kitchen. Bright, white lighting will make that colour look loads fresher and paler than warmer, yellow based lighting that will enhance the yellow tones to make it bolder. One type of lighting would work well for day-to-day kitchen use, while the other brings out the kitchen party vibe. Where the light is positioned also impacts this – lighting placed close to the colour source boosts its vibrancy far more than when it’s placed further away.

Our glass tiles work particularly well with this trend. Because they’re made of glass, light and colour is reflected and enhanced far more than a matte style tile in the same colour, making them easy to manipulate to inform the mood you want.

Phillip’s ‘Hue LivingColours’ is a a smart lighting product that is really driving the colour enhancing trend. The video below demonstrates perfectly how creative lighting can impact all your living spaces – not just the kitchen.


Upside: Change moods and create dynamic spaces without doing anything but changing the lighting

Worth Considering: Changing the bulbs can be annoying.

Brick Tiles & Brickwork Layout

Brickwork Kitchen Tiles Trends

Despite a mixture of tile shapes and tile layouts options in the kitchen interior market, the trusty brick tile in a simple brickwork layout remains in first place in 2018/19.

As more unique, bold, and patterned kitchen tile designs enter the marketplace, the brickwork tile and layout offer a timeless, non-busy backdrop for both modern and rustic kitchen spaces. It lets busy tile patterns, kitchen accessories, or even bold colours take the centre stage, while remaining on trend in a cool and non-in-your-face way.

Upside: Simple, non-busy way to be completely on trend.

Worth Considering: Can be a little dull if your tiles are dull. Herringbone-style layout or hexagon tiles might be more your thing.


Interior Design Ideas by Alec Buchan

So, there you have it – the top 2018/19 kitchen trends. And if you want any more inspiration, head to our glass tile gallery.

At Alec Buchan, our glass tiles push the boundaries of colour, size, and shape. We break rules whilst always maintaining exceptional customer service. With our unique best sellers Acid Yellow Boom! and Ibizan Sunset Orange and our 2018/19 trend colours Whispered Dusty Pink and 70’s School Green – you’re in the right place to find Glass Tiles in Colours You Love.






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