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Are you discovering that choosing ceramic tiles a bit of a nightmare?

choosing ceramic tiles

We know the situation all too well. It’s taken you two months to finally decide on the new kitchen units you want to have fitted in your kitchen upgrade, and then the final question gets asked, which is “And what design of tiles have you decided on?”, only for that question to be met with the blank stare and the sudden realisation that you hadn’t really given it much thought. Worse still, it begins to dawn on you that the choice of tile is of equal importance to the choice of units and that they will have to complement each other.

If this situation seems familiar to you, perhaps the time now has come to consider Metro tiles, and in particular glass Metro tiles for your kitchen. Why do we suggest these? Because they are the only ceramic tile available that have passed the test of time other than the traditional 6” x 6” white ceramic tile that makes anywhere and everywhere look like the inside of a gent’s toilet. Metro tiles have been with us since the early days of the underground, and they are without doubt a design classic.The choice of ceramic tiles available today is as broad as it is long and is almost mind boggling. To degree the expression “kid in a sweet shop” springs to mind when you begin to have a look around. If anything the choice can almost be too great and then there comes the question not only of how good will your new tiles look today, but what will they look like tomorrow? It is remarkable how we can be so heavily influenced by fashion and trends which, in the long term, actually do us no favours. They can even work to the point that while your kitchen units may still look fantastic after five years, but the whole kitchen looks dated purely and simply because the tiles you chose originally are no longer in vogue.

As a consequence, if you decide to opt for glass Metro tiles for your kitchen, or for your bathroom if you are upgrading that, you can at least be guaranteed that they will remain fashionable throughout the years as well as looking fantastic today. In addition, you won’t have to go through the same tortuous process as you would should you decide to opt for fancier and busier-looking tiles as all you have to do decide upon with Metro tiles is the colour and finish.

With glass Metro tiles in particular you can choose from muted and sedate colours right through to one’s which are very striking. However, what you can be virtually assured of is that you will find a colour that either matches or compliments the colour of your kitchen units. Where using Metro tiles in a bathroom is concerned, as it is likely that white bathroom suites will be the colour of choice for a long time to come, this means you can use glass Metro tiles to add a splash of colour to stop the overall appearance being too bland and wishy-washy.

If you would like to know more about Metro tiles and glass Metro tiles, use the contact form on this website and please feel free to ask any questions. We will more than happily send you any sample tiles, and when it comes to making a final decision we would like to think you will find the price of Metro tiles at Too Jazzy here in Henleaze, Bristol, is very competitive.

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