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Complete your room transformation with stunning glass metro tiles

Too Jazzy - Glass Metro tiles


When it comes to revamping your home, there is little more exciting or dramatic in its effect than having a new bathroom or kitchen fitted. Of course where kitchens are concerned, a great deal of your time and effort is going to be spent on making sure you get the right amount of work surface area and whether you want to concentrate storage at below-counter level, or whether having an abundance of eye-level units is preferable. You then need to think about whether you want to have an island in the kitchen, a breakfast bar, built-in or free-standing white goods, concealed lighting, and spotlights in the ceiling.

In a new bathroom, tiling is even more important as this is invariably the prominent finish on walls, especially if you also incorporate a shower, or even go the whole hog and create a wet room. There are plenty of decisions to be made but once again one of the ultimate decisions lies in the type of tiles you choose to have fitted. With sanitary ware in bathrooms and shower rooms these days coming in the same number of colour options as the Model T Ford came in, although here we are talking about white rather than black, to inject some life into your bathroom or shower room tiling becomes critical. Then comes the question of the type of unit front you want and the colour and style of the work surfaces. Thereafter you have door handles to think about and as you are replacing all the kitchen units you will want to replace the flooring as well. Do you go for ceramic tiling, linoleum or even laminate flooring? But aren’t you forgetting something? That’s right, the tiling on the walls which needs to bring all the other improvements together to create something that is coordinated and appealing to the eyes as opposed to a style and colour that tends to jar rather than blend.

As we have mentioned in previous articles, the final thing you may want to consider avoiding is a trendy or fashionable tile that definitely has the words contemporary stamped across it. Depending on your budget, there is every possibility that you will be buying kitchen or bathroom fittings that will last a good 10+ years. However, doesn’t it therefore makes sense to avoid ceramic tiling that will look dated within 3 to 5 years? This is where glass metro tiles come to the fore.

The style and design of metro tiles are such that they have remained fashionable ever since they first appeared over 100 years ago. While contemporary trends and designs have played around with the size of tiles, from tiny mosaics all the way up to veritable paving slab-sized tiles, metro tiles and glass metro tiles have steadfastly remained exactly the same size. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t reinvent the wheel.

Here at Too Jazzy we have a great selection of glass metro tiles, and if you get in contact we will be more than happy to send you some samples as we know it is far easier to make the right decision when you have a tile actually in your hands so you can fully appreciate both the quality of finish and richness of the colour.

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0 thoughts on “Complete your room transformation with stunning glass metro tiles

  1. Ordered snow day white tiles, fantastic communication’s lightening delivery with pallet dropped right to the door. As promised not a single damaged tile in 16 boxes, Packing earth quake proof, guide sent with email to assist with cutting and Chris at the end of the phone for any advice. Absolutely first class service from start to finish, missed out on the sale of these from the old stock, but gladly pay this price again for these STUNNING tile’s.
    So glad we decided to go with these glass tile’s in the end, because nothing else can compare

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