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Metro tile – the chameleon of world of interior design

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There is no more durable a tile in the sense of remaining contemporary in look despite being over 100 years old. That is what is so remarkable about the metro tile. And part of the reason for this tiles durability, apart from its physical attributes, is its ability to be used in a greater variety of tiling patterns than any other tile available. From all the images we have included with this article, it is impossible not to recognise the adaptability and versatility of the metro tile, and with this characteristic lies the secret of its continual popularity.

Whether it is in a kitchen nor bathroom, this tile never looks out of place, while with other tile styles and sizes, it is very difficult to find one which has the same adaptability and which doesn’t look like a specific tile for either room. And of course that isn’t where the metro tile stops. Not only is it available in a multitude of colours and styles, but there is now a range which is becoming increasingly popular, and that is the glass metro tile. Less bold and subtler than the other members of this family, the glass metro tile has introduced another stylish element.

There then comes another ‘tweak’ to the metro tile’s suitability for the bolder interior designer, and that is the ability to use coloured grout with the tile to accentuate the layout pattern. From the standard subway or brick-bond style to the more unusual herringbone, adding coloured grout certainly helps lift the whole image and enables you to make an even greater statement if that is what appeals to you. And of course while we have given you six basic patterns above, don’t forget there are six more if you just turn each one round by 45 degrees!

One of the other advantages of the metro tile is its ability to allow you to use bolder colours than you might usually consider. These tiles are renowned for the richness and fullness of their colours, and the range is outstanding. From gentle pastels to ‘in your face’ reds, blacks and blues, if this tile could speak it would have a thousand accents! It is undeniably one of the best tiles ever produced, which once again helps to explain its longevity as a designer’s choice of ceramic tile.

Because of the grout lines which break up the ‘mass’ of tiling, the individual detailing makes this tile ideal for tilting large spaces and areas. Often you will find whole kitchen walls tiled in metro tiles, simply because the effect is so stunning without being overpowering. In fact the metro tile is so popular in kitchens, we decided to just chose an article with a random selection of kitchen designs in it, and lo and behold there were two instances where the metro tile had been used, confirming its current status as one of the best ceramic tiles available today. So to learn more about glass metro tiles or ceramic metro tiles, just get in touch with us here at Too Jazzy and we’ll be more than happy to get you fixed up with some great samples.

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